We have a very simple goal, really! Since our dogs and puppies are like family to us, we are not happy if they are unhappy. we have an impressive twelve year experience in breeding puppies under our belts. Every single one of our breeding adults are carefully screened to ensure that they are healthy. Every puppy we breed is raised at home until it is time for them to be transferred to a loving family, this provides them with the an amazing start. In order to ensure that the puppies socialize well, we interact with them frequently and expose them to sights and sounds they are likely to experience in their new home. All our dogs have plenty of room to roam about. We are extremely dedicated and this shows in every happy and healthy puppy that leaves our home.

We always have mother and father available to see when you come to look at our pups. Since the puppies are always close to me, I can focus all my energy on both the mother and baby; giving them all the extra love and care they need during the first months. We are committed to ensuring that every puppy that leaves our home is happy and healthy. It really does show that we love our dogs!

Principles and Philosophies we hold

The puppies we care for are frequently handled all day long, socializing and showing them lots of love. It is very important to note that these puppies have been given all primary vaccinations, only up to their age and as such, The principles and philosophies we hold help us immensely in matching healthy, happy puppies with their new parents and families. Riverside Puppies is deeply committed to seeing to it that our puppies receive proper care. Our love for our puppies motivates us to ensure that they have safe, happy and healthy lives. We always encourage our customers to avoid impulse buying and really take their time when purchasing a puppy. At Riverside Puppies, we are best equipped with every knowledge and supply you require to take home a puppy best suited to your family. Our customers are always encouraged to learn as much as possible, what’s requires to take care of there prospective pet, since the new puppies life would be their responsibility.